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   The current HO scale layout (1:1/87), which is the third for the club, was started in 2004. It is a 12' x 48' oval which has been lengthened with additional modules on the corners, bringing the total length to about 60 feet. The fourth extension is currently under construction; a container yard utilizing the Heljan container crane unit and a dockside facility for both container and ore barges. The track configuration is a multilevel 4 loop design in which the loops can be used independently or combined into one continuous run. The layout was originally designed and built in a modular fashion, allowing it to be disassembled, loaded into 2 trailers and transported to train shows and private viewings, primarily in SW Ontario and Michigan. In 2015, a decision was made to have the layout remain permanently in the clubhouse, allowing a much greater variation in scenery, buildings etc. as we no longer have the many restrictions imposed on us by having it portable (it still had to fit into the trailers). Also, the layout was showing numerous signs of wear and tear after so many trips over its 11 years on the road. Currently, most of the north side of the layout is undergoing an extensive rework, with many other smaller changes being made elsewhere. The TVC layout is controlled by a Digitrax Radio Digital Command Control system. The buildings and bridges are an assortment of kit, kitbashed or scratch built units. While most of the layout has its scenery completed, except for the north side, we are still a long ways from saying 'It's finished'. That day will probably never come as we find ourselves changing and rebuilding for either operational or scenic improvements.