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   The TVC (Thames Valley Central, Muddy River Line) was founded in 1965 as an offshoot from the East London Short Lines R.R. Club. It has had many 'homes' over the years, some of them very temporary, some being nothing more than storage, with the layout only brought out to be used at shows. During these years, members continued to get together and plan, with meetings being held at the members homes. Through the early years, many members also built modules in their basements and garages as well. However, since 1999, the club has called the Thorndale Fairgrounds home. Through the generosity of Sifton Properties and an agreement with the Thorndale Fair Board, a pad was poured and a building was moved and rebuilt on the fairgrounds property. The club currently has twenty four members, and new members are always welcome. One of the founding members of the TVC in 1965 is still an active member of our club.