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General Members Information  

The TVC normally operates with about 20 - 24 members. We are currently open to new members. Contact information is currently available on the 'Contacts' page. Experience and knowledge in model railroading is not a requirement, just the desire and interest to learn while working in a club atmosphere. Many skills are required in building and maintaining a layout - carpentary/woodworking, electrical/electronics, painting, scenery, track laying, kit buiding etc. Our goal is to have a creative and interactice atmosphere for all members, regardless of age, experience or knowledge. Prospective members are required to be a minimum of 18 years of age. After a probationary period, the prospective member may be granted full membership upon approval from current members. During the probationary period, the prospective member is expected to participate in all club activities, which will include running and work sessions, meeting nights and 'open house' sessions at tthe clubhouse. The club has regular bi-monthly meetings, and is presided over by a 4 member executive committe.





Back Row: Pat George, Ron Berman, Ian Cooper, Larry DeNeve
Third Row: Craig Dixon, Dan Robilliard, Howie Mason, Ron Marissen
Second Row: Les Baker, Nick Biro, Paul Rooks, Lawrence Fric, Bill Mason,   
  Gary Cooper, Pete Tichelaar, Mark Yurek
Front Row

Roger Cann, Ed Campbell, Barry Smith Jim Ivanski, Gary Blay

Missing: Hollie Archer, Bob Drake, Fred Heddington, Dave Michitsch






Back Row: Bill Cockburn, Dan Robilliard, Lawrence Fric, Howie Mason
  Rob McGee, Holly Archer, Dave Durette, Paul Rooks, Gary Cooper
Front Row:   Gary Blay, Barry Smith, Ed Campbell, Mary Roy
Missing Darrin Calcutt, Jeff Clark, Ian Cooper, Bob drake, Jim Ivanski
  Fred Heddington, Pete Tichelaar, Ken Gilliland



Members -


Back Row Ian Cooper, Bill Cockburn, Dan Robilliard, Jim Drake
Center Row: Bob Drake, Gary Cooper, Dave Durette, Laurence Fric,
  Jack Stead, Ken Gilliland
Front Row: Ed Campbell, Barry Smith, Bill Adilli



Members -


Back Row: Fred Heddington, Lawrence Fric, Joe Sepo, Jim Drake,  
  Craig Dunn, Dan Robilliard
Center Row: Bob Drake, Jack Stead, Howie Mason, Bill Cockburn, Ed Campbell, Fred
  Thompson, Gary Cooper, Ken Gilliland  
Front Row: Paul Rooks, Barry Smith, Bill Adilli